Best Way To Fix Angry Birds PC Game Errors

Sometimes, your system may display an error code indicating that an error has occurred while playing Angry Birds on PC. This error can be caused by a number of reasons. We decided to end the distribution of PC games in order to focus on improving the gaming experience on mobile devices. The postponement will take effect on November 13 this year. From now on, PC DVDs will no longer be available for purchase or download.

How to return to troubleshooting errors and problems with the computer game Angry Bird? Resolving all errors and fixesThe Angry Bird computer game came by mail. Some of the main issues and fixes in the PC version of Angry Bird:

  1. Texture is probably too large: 2048 x 2048, most supported size: 1024 x 768 / Texture is too large.
  2. This application cannot be started due to misconfiguration / function error. Reinstalling the app may fix the problem.

Individual problem: – Texture is too large: 2048 x 2048, maximum spec supported: 1024 x 1024

Issue 2 and – This application was not counted because the application configuration might be incorrect

Note. – The minimum resolution for free PC versions of Angry Birds is between 1024 and 582 pixels.

  1. Update your graphics card driver (best solution) (NVIDIA driver)
  2. Copy and paste “msvcr100.dll” into the Angry Bird folder configuration in the System32 folder. (Required)
  3. Open the back of the config.lua notebook and change the height and width to 600 or 850.
  4. Install iTunes. 3.1. for .Windows .XP, .Vista. or .Windows .7
  5. Install Microsoft .Visual .C ++ .Redistributable .Package.
  6. Install .Microsoft ..NET Framework 3.5
  7. Finally, anyone can play online at

Hope this quick tip for running Angry Bird PC version helps you play yet another most addictive mobile internet game on Windows PC. If you have any questions, go back to the comments section

Why is Angry Birds not working?

Check which firewall or antivirus software isn’t literally blocking the game. Check if you have “AdBlocker” or more of these game blocking plugins. Try to actively play the game using a different browser on your mobile phone. Make sure you have the best and latest browser version.

Below are fixes or solutions for the four major bugs in the PC version of Angry Bird and Shooting of Chaos, along with detailed explanations and workarounds.

You played Angry Birds on your precious cell phone, now you want to play the game on your PC. So, you usually download and install the PC version of the game. Even if the installation is successful, you can potentially get OpenGL or DirectX tiles. So, here’s a good treatment for any mistakes.

You can take advantage of one or more related errors by running Angry In Pets on your computer.

angry birds pc games error

If at this point you run into any of the above errors, this is the solution.

We have two methods for solving this problem. Both will definitely work with you.

1. In yourWindows system, select Start -> Control Panel.

2. Switch from device to manager (if you cannot find an option, use the search box).

3. Go to double click the displayed driver% 3amserFak 2Fugc% 2F921268572049497625% 2F33EEA7E872CAD33EC4CBD3589D5AB326F2D24728% 2F “hrefaf =” https: // steamuserimages> 2Fugc% 2F921268571983819639% 2FDB2F4F70CC07C5593A567C32 986256A5BFFE68C55% “/.akamaihimages/steamuser .net41968F / ugc867 / 9225CC0968F / ugc867 / 9225CC01268A / ugc867 / 9225CC025CC / ugc867 / 9225CC025CC / ug258CC25%” In the window that opens, click on the convenience of finding an updated driver.

How do I fix Angry Birds OpenGL?

For Angry Birds to work, OpenGL 1.3 or higher must be installed. Please try to update your graphics card drivers to the latest version available, which is different from the manufacturer’s website. If the driver is updated or this error persists, the client can use a program called the OpenGL Extensions Viewer to verify that the system in question supports OpenGL 1.3.

Move on to Angry to Birds and you must show determination and be able to play the game convincingly. Otherwise try method 2.

While this step is not strictly necessary, I recommend that you do it as it fixes too much any future game maintenance issues, only takes a few minutes, and is also fully automatic.

angry birds pc games error

This is a dedicated utility for automatically updating Intel drivers. It looks for drivers on the best computer and updates them if necessary.

Some of you may have DirectX error with Open GL error. If so, this is a must-see, and for others I highly recommend installing the most advanced DirectX from the link below.

Step 3 or: Install Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

This is (necessarily) the next and most important step in overcoming the Open GL bug. Just download and install the dedicated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator driver for your Windows 7 or Windows XP operating system from the link below.

If the above two links do not help locate you, please go to the next web withayte and select the driver according to your configurations:

Test the system that performs the trick and you can now play!

All of the above steps are usually explained in the following YouTube video:

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