How To Troubleshoot SP2 CD Burning Problems

If you’re getting an error code while burning Service Pack 2 CDs on your computer, check out these repair tips.

Apply for a servicePacking after almost every reinstallation of Windows XP is a pleasant experience and a waste of time.especially the business environment. This explains why it is best to use. suggestCopying XP with the latest corporate software already integrated – processknown as awakening. This

but notalmost the end of the story. How about adding all of the following?Fixes / Updates Microsoft made available after Service Pack 2 to support Windows XPReleased eons ago (more precisely, August 2004)? There are already more than 120 of them.insofar as. Downloading them along with the installation of each of them will not be interesting; do itevery time with every new installation of windows it is just crazy.

You still can’treally run the risk of ignoring updates. Don’t be scared on the internetit may be completely without the protection that comes with the latest updates and fixesdangerous. Let the tests show you what Windows vulnerabilities can be exploitedAfter a few minutes and after detecting such a system, you will see a network.

If not for thisfine,if you could really integrate all (or at least most) Microsoft updatesright in a copy of XP, with the latest service pack? Well, we can – andit is a relatively straightforward process. And when you do, start from timethe follow-up process (to make the CDs unique with the latest updates) is a huge stepa park.

To top it off, youcan even add useful computer software to your customized version attached to Windows, andmake the hard drive bootable.

I will definitely goYou are guided through the entire process when you first wake up your copy of XP with SP2,Integration of most updates / fixes since the release of SP2 into your new oneinstallation package, then you will lose the bootable CD image. C

Slipstreaming SP2

  1. IfIf you do not already have it, you will receive the entire package (“network install”)Service pack version. You can download it here . vFor the purposes of my article, we’ll save it to any XP_SP2 folder in C:drive.
  2. Copy the Windows content to your CD withXP. your hard drive can do this. Let’s call the above folder (also on the C drive 🙂 WinXP.
  3. Open an order and quickly get access to The folder with SP2 (in our example, there is XP_SP2).
  4. Enter the name of the service pack file get: / integration: drive: XPfolder. In my example, this is the command:
    WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-DEU Figure / Integration: c: winxp
    see A and Figure B.

Figure A

Command for Integration Center Package

Figure B

Integration Process

When the whole process is completesuccessfully, the relevant principle is canceled (Figure C).

Figure C



If anyone is trying to integrate OEM hard drives using largeCompany, you may encounter an error:

burning service pack 2 cd

“This next serviceThe package cannot be integrated into a destination that also has an integrated software providing.Updates. “

Don’t worry, this will help youways and means. A program known as nLite the trick will work (although it requires the .NET framework). Post-SP2

Integrate Updates

Not ready yetIncluded most of the human updates since SP2 thanks to a guy named Ryan VanderMoylen. When Ryan asks his site to package his mailand integrator software developed – bring Windows XP SP2 CD.fully integrated to the latest version, taking into account the latest patches fromMicrosoft since the release of SP2. If the above work is done via a directIntegration with file types on CD directly from the updateFiles “. It also boasts that “Windows Update creates all the necessary registry entries.QFECheck and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzerare imported during Windows setup, which means integration is seamless.on Windows. Security directories to protect Windows files required forRecognize updated files when reinstalling digitally signed files, includingAs a minuteGuaranteed maximum transparency in relation to Windows. Since the updated files are directcompletely rewritten to CD, this package has the lowest possible overheadwhen it comes to including fixes for different types of methods – as inSpace on CD and during Windows installation “

Word or warningBefore you start: Ryan strongly recommends starting with a fresh working XP.An installation source into which only old service packs are integrated.

  1. Download the latest version for RVM Integration and upgrade pack (also recommended extension packs if you like – see Note) here . On a specific page, you will see a list that is most often associated with included updates.


burning service pack 2 cd

Ryan uses severalExtensions available. One contains useful packages and utilities; Windows otherintegrates Benefit Authentication (KB892130) into XP installationCD.

  1. Start the RVM integrator. In the upper hasti The message Overview appears on the screen. to the location where the i386 directory is located. In our personal example this is C: WinXP (Figure D). Comment that this is the main folder NOT containing the i386 directory (select i386 directory!).

Figure D

Specify the path to the i386 directory in RVM Integrator

  1. The Windows version to detect will be attach. You can also select a list of destinations if you like Create a new system in the original different folder. Otherwise go away all fields are empty.
  2. Select Select CAB Update Package to view in the location designated for the service pack. My update came across as a package called rvmupdatepack2.1.1.7z. In your case, the translation may be different.
  3. You

  4. if you purchased additional packages, add them then.
  5. Working stage – integration. Click “Integrate” and the whole process will begin (Figure E). Have another cup of coffee.

Figure E

RVM integrator runningon the site

Create A Bootable CD

About usUsing a bootable CD, we’ll take Bart’s approach. You beard Lagerwayit is known to be one of the oldest boot floppies. I offer you an overviewsteps, but assuming you want to read Bart’s full instructions on how to enlarge the boot fileWindows XP CD, here .

Other methodsaccessible. If you already have a favorite itinerary, be sure to go and enjoyFor example, you can use IsoBuster and Nero. useBurn from ROM 6 (you need a product at least or you can use nLite (but you need to have .NET installed).

I prefer BartTrack. Apart from the married couple, you will need little extras to help you on your first boot,You don’t necessarily need things like the full version created by Nero and .NET like othersMethods. I also love Bart’s love of command line magic.

  1. Download Barts BCD Software (523 KB).
  2. UnpackBCD in the folder. In this examplere we extract c: bcd into.
  3. DownloadInformation about wnaspi32.dll here and just copy it to the bin folder of the BCD (ours in c: bcd bin for illustration purposes only). Windows
  4. Download

  5. this XP file (5KB). Unpack it to your BCD root directory.Folder (our example is c: bdc). Make sure to create subfolders that will be extracted as well.
  6. Copyi386 file (in our example C: WinXP) to one of the followingFolder, depending on whether Windows XP or Home Professional:

    c: bcd cds wxphome files (Windows XPHome Version)
    c: bcd cds wxppro files (Windows XPProfessional)

  7. CopySee also win51ic.SPx or win51ip.SPx (see Figure F). If you wish, you can also save a copy along with the files (notrequired to install a bootable CD):

Figure F

As a rule, copy files to appropriate locations in bcdFolder


If you have XPWindows cd completely from MSDN, edit i386 txtsetup.sif:

 Section [SetupData] 
 SetupSourcePath means ""

You are now readyroll. Open a command prompt, go to the c: bcd folder, enter it and run it.the following requirements (depending on whether XP Home or XP Pro):

Will startno doubt create a bootable ISO and burn it to CD again. Armed with thisCD, reinstalling XP, or installing on new test machines is a snap.

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