Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Outlook Won’t Start A Registry Error Has Occurred The Easiest Way


Over the past few days, some of our readers have informed us that they are unable to start Microsoft Office Outlook due to an old registry error.



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cannot start microsoft office outlook an ole registration error occurred

When you try to access this InfoPath Forms folder in your email However, in Microsoft Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, or Outlook for Office 365, someone receives the following error message in the context of Outlook:

The folder cannot be displayed. An OLE registration error has occurred. The program is still not installed correctly. The installation of the program starts again.

If you have a large software solution that uses the Outlook Object Model to access the InfoPath Forms folder, you will receive the following Visual Microsoft Basic Calculation error message:

Runtime error “-2147221164 (80040154)”:
An OLE request error has occurred. The problem has not been properly fixed. The installer will launch again for your program.


The InfoPath client desktop is not displayed in Office 2016, Office 2019, and Outlook for Office 365. InfoPath 2013 will be the latest version of the home client. You


If you are not actively using InfoPath forms in Outlook, the best way to avoid errors in the Symptoms section is to remove the InfoPath Forms folder from the Outlook folder database. Before deleting a folder, please use a great old version of Outlook to learn and protect it.e content.

  • 2 blocks of transformer for reading
  • Applies to:
    Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook for Office 365, Microsoft Outlook 2010

While replying to a number of forums on the Technet forums today, I came across a new bug in Outlook known as a save error.

Then I sent OLE bug logs to R&D and I found a lot of interesting facts. Since this error, unlike other numeric errors, is not very popular in MS Outlook, I cannot get much information, but still found a solution.

Error “Message: An OLE registration error has occurred. The program is simply not installed correctly. The installer will start when it becomes available to the program.”

  • Why did the OLE registration fail?
  • What happens when you write an email?

Just click the “New” button in the email and open a new window that works similarly to MS Words.

It is Word that acts as the email editor for Microsoft Outlook. And a small amount of MS-Word, and if it is almost certainly not installed in the same packageThat is, as Microsoft Outlook was previously installed, this will be the cause of the OLE registry error.

cannot start microsoft office outlook an ole registration error occurred

Just click the New Email button and open a new window that works like MS Words. Actually, Word works like an email editor for Microsoft Outlook

How To Fix OLE Registry Error?

To fix this registry error using MS-Outlook, enter “Regsvr32 ole32.dll” in the Run box and click OK.

Note. Customers can also use the keyboard shortcut in a window to open the Run box: Windows + R.

There is a good chance that the above method will fix the OLE Combine error in Outlook. But if everything is still in the right situation, then clearing the existing files in the Outlook folder is another solution.

Here is the procedure for cleaning up files associated with a folder:


  • Windows XP PC Users: C: Documents and Settings USERNAME Application Data Microsoft Outlook
  • Windows 7 patients: C: Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Outlook
  • When you reach the created path, you need to delete all files from the Microsoft Outlook folder.
  • (Start MS Outlook) from the beginning, Outlook in anybom case automatically recreates these deleted files and performs its own functions.

Relevant For Solutions To Fix Old Query Error:

  • Disable COM Add-ins
  • Appropriate settings for reading programs (antivirus / firewall)
  • Create a new Outlook profile
  • Inbox Repair Tool
  • New installation of MS Office






No Se Puede Iniciar Microsoft Office Outlook Se Produjo Un Error De Registro Ole
Kan Microsoft Office Outlook Niet Starten Er Is Een Oude Registratiefout Opgetreden
Microsoft Office Outlook을 시작할 수 없습니다 Ole 등록 오류가 발생했습니다
Nao E Possivel Iniciar O Microsoft Office Outlook Ocorreu Um Erro De Registro Ole
Nie Mozna Uruchomic Programu Microsoft Office Outlook Wystapil Blad Rejestracji
Impossible De Demarrer Microsoft Office Outlook Une Erreur D Enregistrement Ole S Est Produite
Ne Udaetsya Zapustit Microsoft Office Outlook Proizoshla Oshibka Registracii Starogo
Impossibile Avviare Microsoft Office Outlook Si E Verificato Un Errore Di Registrazione Ole
Microsoft Office Outlook Kann Nicht Gestartet Werden Es Ist Ein Alter Registrierungsfehler Aufgetreten
Kan Inte Starta Microsoft Office Outlook Ett Ole Registreringsfel Uppstod


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