How Do You Deal With Cisco VPN Remote Site Error 412?


Here are some easy steps that can help you troubleshoot Cisco VPN Error 412 Remote Peer. g.Reason 412: The external peer is no longer responding. Now this error can appear for almost any reason. Including a dedicated client-side firewall that blocks the corresponding UDP or TCP ports, or a great unstable internet connection like a large cellular connection.




Error “Secure VPN report was terminated locally by the client. Reason 412: The remote station cannot respond ”can no longer. Means that someone’s VPN client software has recognized that the VPN server type is no longer responding and has dropped the connection. This amazing thing is caused, for example, by different products:

The user is behind a huge firewall that blocks UDP 4500/500 and / or ESP.

The VPN client is using a TCP connection and most are blocked.

Internet connection is no longer working, some packets do not reach the VPN concentrator / server, or not all server / hub responses may be made

cisco vpn error 412 remote peer

Client, so the client thinks the server is no longer available.

The VPN client is locateda NAT device, and the VPN server enabled NAT-T after the transaction. B

In this case, the user cannot currently send SMS or receive traffic. He can

log in, but that’s for sure. After a while, the client software deletes the VPN tunnel.

Reason 412. The remote station is no longer responding. Means the software VPN client determined that the VPN server was not responding to the yeast problem and dropped the connection. This can be anything from IPSEC traffic that is constantly being blocked by your upstream NAT device, problems, or just poorly configured VPN settings:

After you have verified that the Cisco VPN Client is configured correctly, there are a number of additional troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issues causing the error.

cisco vpn error 412 remote peer

Step 1. If the potential client computer is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection, try connecting via an Ethernet or USB connection. This will help eliminate the possibility that the Wi-Fi connection is not giving you a proper connection.
Step 2. Temporarily disable computer tests Ndmauer and all VPN connections. If error 412 is no longer repeated, the result of the error should be to directly add firewall exception rules for typical ESP, 500 ports, and 4500 plug-ins.
Step 3 – Enable or enable the NAT-T / TCP option on your border and make sure port 10000 is definitely enabled in the computer firewall.
Step 4 – Update ForceKeepAlive = 0 1 to protect your profile.
Step 5 – If the VPN keeps generating error 412, change the computer firewall settings to allow or allow the Kindome 500 and 62515 UDP required by the Cisco VPN client. 6 –
Step Verify that the Cisco VPN client is indeed sending data packets normally. To write this, open a console command prompt window, possibly a command prompt window. Then enter the command word “netstat – p ip 60”, which is used when pressing the “Enter” key. This way you can see the end of the IP and get the number of packets.

Error: "Secure VPN connection for client terminated locally. Reason 412: Silent peer not responding 'longer means the software VPNThe client has recognized why the VPN server is not transmitting it when it comes to the end and disconnects. There are several good reasons for this, for example:

  • The user is behind a new firewall that blocks UDP ports 4500/500 and / or ESP.
  • The VPN client uses TCP connection very often and most of the standard TCP port 10000 is blocked by natt.
  • The internet connection is considered unstable and some packets do not reach the VPN or hub / server, some responses from the server / hub do not reach the client, so the software thinks the server will be unavailable for some time. a lot of time.
  • The VPN client is a NAT violation device and the VPN server has not enabled NAT-T. In some cases, the user will not be able to send or receive visitors to the site at all. It will be connectable, but that’s about it. After some time, the client software removes the VPN tunnel.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, try a cable.
  • Disable your firewall, then check the current connection to see if the error persistsibca. If not, you can reactivate the firewall, add exception rules for 400, port 4500, and ESP to your firewall.
  • Enable NAT-T / TCP in your profile (remember that you can unblock port 10000 in your own firewall)
  • Change your profile with an editor and change ForceKeepAlive = 0 to 1.






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