Troubleshooting Finding Clowns In Windows Just Got Easier

If you see clowns on Windows, the following user guide will help you.

A mother who used to see a threatening clown looking at her house through the window tells how she feared for the safety of my family.

Sarah Lummy, from West Lothian, Scotland, crawled into the dark after putting her little girl Esme to bed last Friday.

Sarah, Saw 31, a man in a nice durable clown mask who looked around his house while his daughter slept


Sarah The 31-year-old saw a man in a clown mask staring into his house while their daughter slept. Credit: Probably SWNS


Sarah Lummy with daughter Andrew and daughter Esme – these foods fell prey to the scary clownCredit: SWNS

She heard a knock and, turning, saw an anxious clown looking out of the window next to her front door.

The 31-year-old technician was stunned but managed to take the photo before the lightning on her phone scared her.

The mask had white and purple clown hair and eerie miscellaneous an attractive smile.

Sarah said, “My partner Andrew was not at home and I was about to go to bed. I closed the blinds and walked right between the telephone flashlights to guide me.

“But then I heard a knock on the door and thought it was a neighbor, I was in a hurry downstairs.

“What I saw almost made me fall facedown to the ground. I must have been petrified.

“Fortunately, my daughter was asleep upstairs, but if I carried her, I would let her down – and if she came face to face through this monster, she could only“ get hurt ”. Never

“I used to be afraid of clowns, but they scared me and my colleagues very much.”

When his partner Andrew Lowe, a plumber, came home, he went looking for the man, but he may not have found anything.

Sarah thought about tagging the police because her door was not locked and she feared for her safety, but it wasn’t until a few days later that she heard about the “clown fashion”. murderer “.

“These ladies are already adults and may have a heart attack. It’s not funny at all, it’s really awful. ”

Vigilante groups are so disappointingClowns are said to terrorize the people they actually patrol the country.

First person in the UK to have been fined - and also convicted - for impersonating a killer clown: Connor Jones


First a man in the UK who has been fined – and with additional convictions – for posing as a murderer Clown Connor: Jones Photo: Wales News Service
clowns looking in windows

This is the mask with which he scares children in a school for 1000 people


This is the hideout with which he scares the kids in a school for 1000 people Photo : Wales News Service

The first person to be fined for dressing up as a brand new clown and scaring schoolchildren is likely to be 18-year-old Connor Jones from Wales.

The forensic scientist has figured out why people behave differently, wearing costumes that look like clown masks when the killer clown craze is spreading.

The hype is so out of handTrolling that the popular Zippos Circus announced that there would be no more clowns on their show.

And another girl was chased by a clown with a knife when Amy went to school in South London yesterday morning.


Scary clowns with chef’s knives and axes terrorize the British ahead of Halloween – clown last seen here Credit: SWNS: Southwest Information service


Clowns armed with machetes terrorized operators who stopped at a traffic light in Manchester on Sunday Photo: Mercury Press

The Sun told the teenager today that the boy of an English football star has been barred from attending his school for giving other kids trouble with a “killer clown.”

The boy was a leader in the shutdown of social media, which resulted in the evacuation of just over eight schools. The police were called.

clowns looking in windows

Police are warned that participating in a “killer clown” hobby can get you unpleasantand even arrest.

The Good Morning Britain program today has a suitable group of pranksters to disguise themselves as clowns and scare off people who are still distancing themselves from those involved in the current trend.

A woman screamed in horror when a man disguised as a


A screaming woman who got scared when a man dressed as a “killer clown” jumped on his daughter’s car and tried to be found walking down the main street brought BlockswichCredit: Birmingham Mail


A clown riding bike heading south to Hillsborough, Sheffield Photo: PA: Press Association

And every 10-year-old boy told how he was persecuted and terribly traumatized by people disguised as a clown, after they brought him a stone.

In Leicestershire, a woman was so scared that she began her early rody.

Over the weekend, Thames Valley Police received the names of 14 reports of deliberate intimidation or intimidation by others other than clowns, while Gloucestershire police found six reports and South Wales police were involved in many reports as police increasingly reported observations.

Drivers here in Manchester were shocked to see a couple of clowns pass their cars, and on Sunday a mother of two with frightened children was abandoned after someone upgraded their car.

Yesterday morning, an Instagram account promised that 20 clowns with chef’s knives would be at Essex schools this precious week.

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