Troubleshooting Error 13003

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    In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can cause error 13003, and after that, we will provide some possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.


    one05/17/2015, PM(This article was last created on May 23, 2015 11:00 PM by m1001.)

    The rescue. 18.2012 Error (1.2) -2.503.13003
    I have this important issue. There is no underlying problem with xentry xentry, everything works fine.
    When using (DAS), this message does not require a connection in most cases. There is only such a program with (DAS). Help (05/17/2015, please.)

    15:13) m1001 wrote: Hi. 11. Illegal Conduct, 2012 (1.2) -2.503.13003
    I have a problem like this. With xentry xentry zero, the problem is all working fine.
    With (DAS) our message doesn’t matter. Unless only with (THIS) way. Please help

    Recovering c32s.dll and CAL 872 files can fix error (1 xentry / das.2) -2.503.13003 “Failed to initialize diagnostic multiplexer”, users stated using the Chinese STAR c3 Diagnosis tool.

    Discovery multiplexer initialization error
    Possible reasons:
    Link to the appropriate diagnostic multiplexer and
    diagnostic socket was interrupted
    Relationship Between Awareness Multiplier and
    Diagnostic block interrupted.
    Supply voltage at the diagnostic socket (Kreis30
    and / or circuit31) is an error.
    Check each status when using SDconnect
    Using the Toolkit connection. €

    “Your STAR C3 Mux is plugged in and shouldn’t be in good condition. First check the network connection with your car and therefore with your laptop. “

    The solutions listed below are offered by individuals. TRY YOUR OWN RISK.

    It really looked like a complex of broken pieces of hardware and software. I had a big problem with this pesky c32s.dll manual file. I replaced it with the current 01/2011 plus the one using CAL 872 Fix Version 2 for DAS 07/2011. Only c32s.dll fixed the problem.

    1. Charging and programming 32R2 (032012)
      2. Get c32s.dll from xentry 01 2012 and replace the existing one in F: / programs / Das / Bin
      3. Replace HHTWin.ini in c: Windows:
      (Copy and paste the lines below, then disappear and save the HHTWin.ini file)
      DX = 515
      AJ = 510X = 110Y = 0
      RETURN = 21
      SLAVE = PARTD2
      STOYAN = 1
      DEBLVL = 6
      SPC = 02
      SPCN = 02
      SPCP = 02
      SPCD = 02
      SPCV = 02
      MAXFILES = 200
      STOYAN = 1
      DEBLVL = 6
      HHTWIN.exe-modpath = F: PROGRA ~ 1 HHT PKW
      HHTWIN.exe-szIniFile = C: WINNT HHTWIN.ini
      HHTWIN.exe-lpszCmdLine =
      Parameters HHTWIN.exe = Inifile
      HHTWIN.exe-szParamsPath = C: userdata CSD Writefil HHTWIN_Params.ini
      HHTWIN.exe-CmdParams =
      HHTWINX.DLL-modpath = F: PROGRA ~ 1 HHT PKW
      HHTWINX.DLL-szIniFile = C: WINNT HHTWIN.ini

      4. In this unique forum, find the “oldc3” file … extract it … then run ..

      5. Done

      This is probably the only way to have a custom DAS for reading my muxer

    (PS: I sympathize that I hardly mention the authors I read, or maybe the topics and posts, but simply because I read a lot and have now made many and many attempts to help you, finally found a solution) < / p> Right

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    das error 13003

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    These are frequently asked questions about MB Star medical diagnostics SD Connect C4 User analysis and professional feedback from designers working at Hope this helps those in trouble. < / p>

    A: Go to Settings, select Set Language, then select your language and click Accept.

    Q: How to set up a laptop Href = “https: // www mb Connect C4 DAS language?

    A: Access to DAS properties. At the destination, match the last two letters (which are actually the first two letters of the language type). Then click OK.

    A: Change the date and time on the PC to match the current version of Xentry. For example, if you have Xentry version 2017.12, you need to configure 201509.05 from your PC.

    Q: High error (30.Pops 3) after activating DAS. No valid DAS license; WHO will now be effectively closed.

    If DAS is not running, just change this bin file to C: / Program Files / Mercedes-Benz / DAS

    A: change the date and time of the PC, which may match the Xentry version;

    If it doesn’t help, replace the bin file with C: / Program Files / Mercedes-Benz / DAS (bin file differs from Xen versionstry)

    If all of the above does not work, usually send your Mercedes software hard drive to the appropriate vendor to re-copy the files.

    Q. SDconnect Kit tool displays error 749 in administration. Due to network problems it is not possible to establish a connection that can establish SDconnect (749) SDconnect is not selected or a recognized SDconnect cannot be selected

    A: This is definitely not true regarding the creation of intellectual property. Select WLAN network connection, set IP address:

    das error 13003

    F: Xentry 2221-45: Error No access authorization code! [2221-45] No access authorization found for XENTRY diagnostics on the server. You must contact customer support.

    Q: Xentry cannot be opened for use even if SDConnect C4 is reopened. Or xentry reboots part of the PC after activation. No access authorization number! You must contact the user at support.

    Get a new lic-key2. After activating Xentry; copy and paste lic-key2.dat; then rename it to “lic-key2.x4711” (install only certain е file properties)

    Q: Unable to start reading from EWA-NET file. The HTTP Status Execution 500 servlet threw an exception.

    Need to fix Windows errors? ASR Pro can help

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the software and click "Scan for Issues"
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  • A: go to the current Start menu, then EWA-NET Admin Tool WIS, restart your computer, then open EWA-NET to connect

    The connection between the diagnostic multiplexer and the diagnostic socket is interrupted

    Switching between the diagnostic multiplexer and the type of diagnostic device was interrupted.

    The supply voltage of the diagnostic socket (circuit 30, that is (or) circuit 31) is faulty.

    Note. If you are using an SD-Website-Link-C4 multiplexer, check the connection and use the toolbox.

    Then check the Mercedes software; this is MB SD C4 product, not Star C3

    If everything is in order, it might have something to do with SD-Lift-C4-Mux or someone else’s cable

    Protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware with this software download.

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