What Are The Reasons For Enabling Group Policy For Windows 7 System Restore And How To Fix It

Here are some simple methods that should help solve the problem of enabling Group Policy for System Restore in Windows 7. Enter gpedit. msc in the search box and press Enter.Watch out for “Disable System Restore”. Double click on it and set it to Not Configured or Disabled.Click Apply and Finish.Reboot and you will find that System Restore has been enabled.

If System Restore is not enabled on your computer and there may not be a way to enable System Properties, you may need to disable it in Group Strategy. This was a common setting in the early days of Windows XP. It is no longer recommended to turn off System Restore, only many older systems have been modified this way. Even someone who originally compromised System Restore in Group Policy may have difficulty re-enabling it, since these steps are not just the fabulous downside of disabling the utility.


Press 1

“Start” and in this case “Run”. Enter “gpedit.msc” in the “Open” field, click and “OK”. The “Group Policy Editor” will open.

Step 2

“A computer
enable system restore group policy windows 7

DevelopmentRotate the configuration. “Go to Template Administration, then System. To click System Restore, select Disable. Close the policy group editor.

Step 3

enable system restore group policy windows 7

Right-click My Computer and select Manage. “Computer Management” will open. And expand Service Applications and click Services. Click System Restore, and then click Automatic Selection. Click Start.

Step 4

Close Computer Management and reopen the Policy Group Editor. Set System Restore to Not Configured. Close the “Group Policy Editor”.



Restart the computing device. Right click on “My Computer” and select “Properties.” The System Restore tab can be activated and visible again.

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  • You must be automatically logged into the computer workstation as an administrator in order to follow these guidelines.

From the description, your company has configured the following two GPO settings.

Computer Configuration >> Administrative Policy Templates> System> System Restore> Disable System Restore => Disabled
Computer Configuration >> Administrative Policy Templates> System / System Restore> Windows Components> Windows Defender> Scan> Create System Restore point => Enabled

And you also enable System Restore for pretty much all Windows 10 Pro, right?

If so, I was always very glad that you met all the requirements.

Meanwhile, you want to set the maximum disk usage for all Windows 10 Pro. Based on my research, we can set the maximum hard disk usage on the PC one by one using the GPO.

If someone has a carIf you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the United States.

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