Solution For 404 Error Unknown Virtual Host Problem

You may encounter an error displaying 404 unknown virtual host error. There are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll come back to that shortly.

I place it pointing to a specific folder with our main domain and place it in a second, subdomain, targeting a different folder.
The first one has been good for centuries and the next never worked and came back together 404.
The funny thing is, when I connect to the IP, it loads the second virtual host.

     ServerAdmin [email protected]    Server name   ServerAlias ​​    DocumentRoot / var / www / html / cropflow    Error $ APACHE_LOG_DIR / errorlog.log    $ APACHE_LOG_DIR / combined access to customlog.logRewrite engineRewriteCond% SERVER_NAME = [OR]RewriteCond% SERVER_NAME = ^ [END, NE, R = constant] 
      ServerAdmin [email protected]    Server name   ServerAlias ​​    DocumentRoot / var / www / html / cropflow-api / public   ErrorLog $ APACHE_LOG_DIR / error.log    $ APACHE_LOG_DIR / combined access to customlog.logRewrite engineRewriteCond% SERVER_NAME = [OR]RewriteCond% SERVER_NAME = ^ https: //% SERVER_NAME% REQUEST_URI [END, NE, R = persistent] 

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error 404 unknown virtual host

After configuring the group in Apache, I would configure the same as _default _ ServerName to return a 404 message. This means if explicitly Available domain is not often listed in the host’s http h2 tags, 404 is returned. (Ideally a little longer than pointing to a specific directory that does not currently exist.)

This is not exactly what virtual hosts do, I’m worried;) Virtual hosts are used to support multiple independent sites on a single web server.

“Back all day”, the first computer was hosting a website with a single address. They say the web server has The css files intended for this site (html, Javascript, views, scripts, …) are saved in the / var / www / folder. Sl For example, Apache config will set the DocumentRoot to the expert assertions directory, / var / www / .

If you now target the browser http: // , the file / var / www / welcome. html . You can use subfolders to organize your wonderful site. For example, if you point to http: // in a trusted browser, check / var / www / holiday / summer2001. html .

So far so good. But what if you want to create more than one website on your current computer at the same coordinate? Multiple websites under different URLs, so (if you look at children “from the outside”) are completely independent from each other, and not just very different subdirectories on the same website? This is where virtual hosts come in handy.

In a real virtual host configuration, you can create many directives not globally for a specific whole web server, but for each website. For example, suppose you host websites on the same web server, and To do this, you can Use two web host configurations for *: 80> Example

    DocumentRoot / var / www / my-other-site /  Server name  ServerAlias ​​my-other-site.tld  Index.html directory index  CustomLog /var/log/apache2/my-other-site.access.log "combined"  ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/my-other.error.log 

You see, DocumentRoot is often defined differently on each virtual device, same for ServerName , same for ServerAlias ​​ and soon.

I hope I can illustrate the idea of ​​virtual hosts and why virtual servers and subdirectories are two different things in the same area. To complicate matters further, you can easily create subdirectories on the virtual web server;) Say the URL http: // Html si If you are using the above configuration, you must provide / var / www / my-other-site / Tournament / finals2015 to.html .

Other things you can withpush, I can’t go into detail here:

When you use addresses, domain names, etc., you need to know where to find them. A simple installation of ServerName does not give the “Internet” a direct answer to requests from 😉 Since you usually use DNS, getting the domain label (in fact, most of the time it usually has more buses, so you will need to update them from time to time) and set up a DNS record to “just in case someone” searches for my , send them to these and other servers.”

If you use the IP type instead of the sector name, for example , this cannot be changed to the principles above. If your server has assigned multiple IP addresses to it, you can differentiate between them on your virtual hosts. If your server has and assigned to this will, you can distinguish between these liquidators on your virtual hosts. applies only to 192.168 requests. 2.101 not sent on request`.

If you want to allow them to ringTo connect to your web server from the washing machine it runs on and don’t want to use a specific IP address, you can usually just say, “Show me a web page on the same host. like I am on any localhost now. “This is usually configured with the special hostname localhost . So you can type anything directly` http: // localhost / thats-a-long-answer like .html ‘in the address field of your browser.

Usually someone has a shared “parent directory” where your virtual hosts are usually DocumentRoot . For example, currently you can have all of your virtual hosts under / var / www / subdirectories. It’s not easy to use this structure, but this element is good for keeping track of things, not keeping your sites all over the place;)

Customers can use a alias to include a directory outside the DocumentRoot virtual host. Suppose you need to add the virtual config “” to the directive / sports like

  alias / home / john / some-sports 

error 404 unknown virtual host

However, in such cases, there may be problems with authorization. Files for / home / john / some-sports is usually owned by consumer john , so the user can use all your web server (Apache) software as and not as possible during running have access to it.

Anyone who might need a little load is suddenly digesting, but these are some of the basic ideas you need to grasp in order to grasp them when you first start your web server.

오류 404 알 수 없는 가상 호스트

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