Solved: Suggestions For Fixing Bug Number 1452

You may encounter an error message with error number 1452. There are several ways to fix this problem, so we will do it shortly.

MySQL error 1452 – unable to add or update child row: foreign key constraint fails? This error occurs whenever our organization adds a foreign key constraint that joins tables and inserts records into a child table. The error occurs when you try to add a row that does not have a consistent row on the other side of the bed.

I have created platforms in MySQL Workbench as shown below:

How do I delete a foreign key constraint in MySQL?

Remove foreign key constraints You can easily remove the foreign key constraint usage from the following ALTER TABLE syntax: ALTER TABLE tbl_name DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_symbol; If the FOREIGN KEY clause specified a CONSTRAINT name when the constraint was created, you can look up that name to clear that foreign key constraint.

  CREATE folder TABLE (  OrderID INT NOT NULL,  Order Dato DATE STANDARD ZERO,  CustomerID INT DEFAULT NULL,  LIMITATION Order_pk PRIMARY KEY (OrderID),  CONSTRAINT Order_fk FOREIGN KEY (Customer ID) Customer REFERENCES (Customer ID))  ENGINE includes InnoDB; 

error number 1452

  CREATE TABLE product (  ProductID INT NOT NULL,  Product Description VARCHAR (100) DEFAULT NULL, ProductFarge VARCHAR (20) DEFAULT NULL,  Enhetpris INT DEFAULT NULL,  LIMITATION PRIMARY KEY Produkt_pk (ProductID))  ENGINE = InnoDB; 

How do I disable foreign key?

In Object Explorer, expand the table with our constraint and then expand the Keys folder…Right-click the dependency and select Modify.In the grid, under Table Designer, select Enforce Foreign Key Constraint and select None from the drop-down menu.

  CREATE TABLE Ordrelinje (  INT NOT NULL command,  INT NON NULL product,  AntallBestelt INT STANDARD ZERO,  LIMITATION Orderrelinje_pk PRIMARY KEY (order, product),  RESTRICTION Ordrelinje_fk FOREIGN KEY (Order) REFERENCES Order (OrderID),  RESTRICTION Order relinje_fk1 FOREIGN KEY (product) LINKS Product (ProductID))  ENGINE = InnoDB; 

How do you delete Cannot delete or update a parent row a foreign key constraint fails?

The easiest way is to disable primary foreign control; Make your changes instead of re-enabling foreign key validation. As mentioned earlier, you must delete a row in the Advertisers table before you can delete the row it references in this task table.

Therefore, when I test, kato add values ​​to food ORDRELINJE , I get:

Error code: 1452. Unable to add or update small row: foreign key constraint does not work ( srdjank . Ordrelinje , CONSTRAINT Ordrelinje_fk FOREIGN KEY ( Order ) REFERENCES Order ( OrderID )) Consulted

I noticed that other articles on the same topic were out of luck.Am I following a task or do I know what to use?


This happens whenever we add that you just insert foreign key constraints between tables, and also insert records in the child table of the game. Let’s take an example.

mysql> ChildDemo Form Table -> ( -> id int, -> integer FKPK ->);Request OK, 0 lines destroyed (0.86 s)mysql> create ParentDemo table -> ( -> FKPK int, -> varchar name (100) ->, -> primary key (FKPK) ->);Request OK, 0 rows affected (0.57 sec.)mysql> alter table Add discipline ChildDemo ConstChild foreign key (FKPK) refers to ParentDemo (FKPK);Request OK, 0 rows affected (1.97 sec.)Records: zero duplicates: 0 warnings: 0
error number 1452

If after creating a foreign key constraint we add records to an amazing table or table, we will definitely get the above error.

mysql> insert directly into ChildDemo values ​​(1,3);ERROR (23000): 1452 Subline could not be accepted or updated: trusted foreign key constraint is not satisfied (`business`.`childdemo`, CONSTRAINT` ConstChild` FOREIGN KEY (` FKPK`) REFERENCES` parentdemo `(` fkpk`) )

The error occurs when you try to insert a short period without a matching row into another table.

“External key relationships consist of a parent table, which undoubtedly contains the central data values, and a child table with identical values ​​that refer to their parent. The FOREIGN KEY clause is specified in the young table. It will reject any INSERT or UPDATE that tries to let you recreate the foreign key value in the child table if it cannot find a suitable candidate key value in the parent table. ”

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Numer Bledu 1452
Numero Di Errore 1452
Numero De Error 1452
Fehlernummer 1452
Numero D Erreur 1452
Foutnummer 1452
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Nomer Oshibki 1452
Felnummer 1452
Numero Do Erro 1452

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