Simple Solution To Debug WCF Service Hosted In Iis

You should read these fix recommendations if you get an error regarding debugging the iis hosted wcf service on your machine.

  [service contract]    [AspNetCompatibilityRequirements (RequirementsMode corresponds to AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Allowed)]    [ServiceBehavior (InstanceContextMode stands for InstanceContextMode.PerCall)]    Public Class Enrollment Completed            [WebInvoke (UriTemplate matches "", method = "POST")]        ProcessCall fill string (JsonData string)                     

I am hosting this service in IIS with method url:

how to debug wcf service hosted in iis

  method is not always allowed. Refer to the service help page to create valid requests that will be returned to the service. 

The string

How do I debug WCF service hosted in IIS Express?

1) Place a breakpoint on the first instance of all Visual Studio Code before it reaches the WCF service hosted on your machine. 2) After the code stops at the intended breakpoint, set the breakpoints in the next ecthe instance of Visual Studio where you really want to interrupt, and then attach each w3wp.exe process.

  resourceUrl matches "";        String method - "POST";        // string jsonText = "";        UseHttpWebApproach (serviceBaseUrl, resourceUrl, method, jsonText); 

How do I debug WCF service hosted in Windows Service?

public class incomplete Service1: ServiceBase.ServiceHost node;public service1 ()Initialize component ();Protected override void OnStart (string [] args)

  custom UseHttpWebApproach string (serviceUrl string, resourceUrl string, method, requestBody string)                    Guitar string response = zero;            var request = WebRequest.Create (string.ResourceUrl)) concat (serviceurl, as HttpWebRequest;            if (query! = null)                            request.ContentType = "application / json";                Request.method = method;                        // var objContent stands for HttpContentExtensions.CreateDataContract (requestBody);            if (method == "POST" && requestBody! = null)                            byte [] requestBodyBytes = ToByteArrayUsingJsonContractSer (requestBody);                request.ContentLength = requestBodyBytes.Length;                when using (Stream postStream = request.GetRequestStream ())                    postStream.Write (requestBodyBytes, 0, requestBodyBytes.Length);                        if (query! = null)                            Var response is request.GetResponse () as HttpWebResponse;                if (response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK)                                    The responseStream includes response.GetResponseStream ();                    if (responseStream! = zero)                                            var reader = new StreamReader (responseStream);                        responseMessage corresponds to reader.ReadToEnd ();                                                    another                                    responseMessage means response.StatusDescription;                                        Return a reply message;         private byteset [] ToByteArrayUsingJsonContractSer (string requestBody)            byte [] bytes = zero;        var serializer1 = new DataContractJsonSerializer (typeof (string));        var ms1 = new MemoryStream ();        serializer1.RequestBody); write object (ms1, ms1.Position 0; means var reader = new StreamReader (ms1);        Byte = ms1.ToArray ();        Flush byte;    

how to debug wcf service hosted in iis

I’m trying to debug a maintenance system, but I don’t know how you are going to do it. Please offerrevive me the main reason I am getting the error while doing thishttp: // [local] enter host / Notifications / RecordingCompleted / into the club address. And how do you debug expert services hosted on localhost or hosted?

How do I debug Web API hosted in IIS?

To start debugging, select IIS Express () or Local IIS () from the toolbar, select Start Debugging from the Debug menu or Media Report, F5. The debugger stops at specific breakpoints. If the debugger is unable to block breakpoints, see Troubleshoot debugging.

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