What Causes Programs To Start Automatically In Windows XP And How To Fix It

Over the past week, some readers have encountered a bug related to autorun programs in Windows XP. This issue can occur due to several factors. We will discuss this below. In general, press and release the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time.In the glass window of the system setup utility, click on the Startup cost.Click OK to save your improvements.After restarting the personal computer, click OK after logging in to display the system setup utility window.

Do you want every time you runWindows was running a specific program? You may have created your own program or downloaded something electronically from the Internet. In any case, adding a good, reliable program to Windows XP startup is relatively easy.

There are two main ways to do this. One is indeed to add a shortcut to the entire executable to the windows startup file, and the other is probably to use scheduled tasks. In the article, I will explain how to use both methods.

Add To Application Launch Folder

This is the method I recommend as it is quite simple. To do this, navigate to the following main directory on your computer:

C:Documents plus SettingsUserStart MenuProgramsAutostart

A user can be All users or a specific user. If you want the program to be managed for each user that logs in, go to the All Users folder. If you want it to run only for the target user, select that user and go to their startup folder as well. p>

How do I get a program to start automatically in Windows XP?

Find a shortcut or program that the person wants to run every time they boot Windows.Once you find it, right click on the icon and even select Copy.Click Start.Click All Programs.Right-click any startup folder and select “Open”.

Now find the program you want to buy so that it will run when you start Windows. Make sure you find the executable. Now right-click on this EXE file and select “Create Shortcut”.

Now just take a copy of the shortcut you just created and copy it to your startup folder. It should look like this:

How do I make a program autostart on startup?

Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box. Type “shell:startup” then press Enter to open the Startup folder. Create a shortcut to any file, folder, or even application executable in your startup directory. It will open on the next boot.

Here it is! Now restart your computer to make sure the program actually starts automatically as soon as you log into Windows! Pretty simple, yes!

Create An Appropriate Scheduled Task

The second way to run a program in Windows XP is to create a special scheduled task that runs the entire program.

Select Start, then Control and Display, click Scheduled Tasks.

how to get programs to autostart in windows xp

Click Add Scheduled Task with Create New Task.

The wizard will start. Go ahead and click Next. First, you need to select the program you want to use when starting. The list will appear automatically, but you can also just click “Browse” and select a specific list.

Click “Next” and see when you want to train it. In our case, we decide when I will register. You’ll also most likely select “Custom at Startup”, but that means it needs to be loaded before you can properly log into Windows.

Also click Next and enter the account administrator password. Be careful, we are entering a password, otherwise the task will not run.

Click Next and Finish. That’s all. Your task will now appear in the list of scheduled tasks. Restart your computer and the program should load normally.

So these are two easy ways to add pro Programs to autoload Windows XP! If you have any questions, you can leave a comment here and I will do my best to help you. Good luck!