Troubleshoot And Troubleshoot Uninstalling And Reinstalling Network Drivers


In this guide, we will find out some of the possible causes that could lead to uninstallation and reinstallation of network drivers, and then we will suggest some possible solutions that you can use to try to fix the problem.



This document describes how to remove and reinstall the network card to fix network problems in Windows 7, 8, and 10.

If the correct user is having trouble connecting or staying connected to a traditional or wireless network, a simple and very straightforward solution is to uninstall and then reinstall the network adapter. It is also a good factor to try when it is believed that a user can connect to a method but cannot load weblists in their browser. This handle resets the NIC to its default settings, and these settings will usually fix the problem in most cases. If there is no doubt that the Meet adapter is not listed, this could indicate a problem with the PC with the adapter.

  1. Type “” device manager in the search box to unlock the device manager console.


  2. Extend most of the area of ​​network adapters. It will list all the network cards on which the computer is installed. Right-click the adapter you want to remove and select Remove. This will remove the adapter from the list and remove the mobile phone at any time. When troubleshooting wireless problems, make sure you pick the perfect device — the word “wireless” will likely be in the title.


  3. Click “OK” when the nextYou may have to remove the device. This will remove the adapter from the list and remove the driver.

  4. If the adapter has been removed, click the Check for Hardware Changes button to locate the correct adapter and generally reinstall it. The box icon becomes difficult to see – you can hover your mouse over the link to confirm that you have selected the correct one.


  5. If the technology was reinstalled successfully, it will reappear in the Network Adapter drop-down menu. Restart your computer, but see if the connection issue has been resolved recently.

  6. how to uninstall and reinstall network drivers

    If the problem is not resolved, click here for instructions on how to restart the Windows Networking Service.

Want to reinstall the Wi-Fi driver on a corporate Windows 10 PC? Then you’ve come to the right place! After reading this article, you should be able to reinstall your Wi-Fi drivers quickly and easily!

If you are having performance or mobile connectivity issues, it is recommended that you reinstallAll our drivers for your wireless network card. Reinstalling Wi-Fi can fix a lot of unexpected MLM problems.

Follow These Steps

  1. Uninstall any wireless adapter drivers in Device Manager.
  2. Reinstall the wireless driver for the network adapter.
  3. Extra tip: how to automatically update the current network driver

Step 1. Remove The Wireless Driver For Your Web Adapter In Device Manager

You can uninstall the wireless adapter driver in Device Manager. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the Windows logo key and X on your keyboard at the same time, then select Device Manager. You will be prompted to log in. Click Yes to open Device Manager.
  2. In Device Manager, right-click the name of the wireless adapterOne network and select “Remove Template” to remove your company’s wireless adapter driver.
  3. Check how to select the “Remove driver for this device” checkbox and click “Remove”.

Upon completion, your wireless adapter network will disappear from some list of network adapters.

Step 1: Reinstall Portable Network Adapter Driver

How do I uninstall and reinstall network card driver?

Press Windows Key + X in Device Manager to select.Expand the network card.Snap the pilot into place on the right and remove it.Restart your computer and check some functions. “

Reinstalling the driver for your wireless network adapter is straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Network Adapters in Device Manager. Then click Action.
  2. png

  3. Click Check for Hardware Changes. Windows will then permanently detect the missing driver for its wireless network card and automatically reinstall the problem.
  4. Double click the network connector. Usually, the wireless adapter appears in the list again, which means that the wireless TV adapter driver has been reinstalled.

Extra Tip: How To Automatically Update Network Drivers

Sometimes reinstalling the driver for your prepaid network adapter may not resolve Wi-Fi connection problems. To resolve the issue, you need to update the new driver for your wireless adapter.

If u waWith no time, willpower, or computer skills to manually update a network driver, you can even update it automatically with Driver Easy.

how to uninstall and reinstall network drivers

You don’t need to know exactly which language system is running on your computer, you don’t need to risk downloading the wrong driver, and the client doesn’t need to worry about an installation error. Driver Easy will do everything.

All drivers for Driver Easy come directly from the manufacturer. They are all certified and safe.

  1. Download the Easy driver.
  2. Driver

  3. will start Easy and click the Scan Now button. Then Driver Will just scans those computers and finds faulty drivers.
  4. Click “Update” next to your WLAN compatible network adapter to automatically download the correct driver version. In this case, you can install them manually. Or click Update All to automatically downloadInstall and configure drivers of the correct version, which, in turn, are missing or unavailable in your “Everyone” system. You support and receive a full 30-day money-back guarantee).
    You can implement the idea for free if you like, but it’s still partially manual.

    If you need an audience, please contact Driver Easy Support at Jak Odinstalowac I Ponownie Zainstalowac Sterowniki Sieciowe
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