If Iexplore Keeps Running In Task Manager Even After Closing It?

Today’s guide aims to help you when iexplore keeps running in Task Manager even after the error message has disappeared.

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    iexplore.exe is simply the main executable file of Microsoft Explorer on the Internet. This Microsoft application allows windows to work on the Internet and then on local intranets. This program is not necessary for the operation of the system, but it should not be blocked unless it causes problems.

    Some complain that some iexplore.exe (iexporer.exe) process is still showing up in Task Manager after closing the final Internet Explorer. This behavior is felt from Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 11.

    According to their investigations, this particular scenario is yet another indication of a malicious or benign add-on that is actually preventing Internet Explorer from shutting down properly.

    If you are currently struggling with a sufficient cause of this problem and are looking for practical ideas on how to deal with this problem, the following methods will help you. We were able to identify several potential fixes that other users have successfully used in a situation similar to yours. Please follow each method in order until you finally find a fix that solves the problem in your clear scenario.

    Method 1: Eliminate Threats Is Security

    Usually important giveaways, which are data from a malicious add-on. see First, the exact process of trans Options in the task manager. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and check if the task is named Iexplorer.exe (and not iexplore.exe). The location of iexplorer.exe is a modified process that is mainly used by malware to hide the installed component. Be aware that malware authors configure their agencies to look like privileged executables to avoid security conditions. If your task manager shows a process listed as iexplorer.exe, chances are your entire system is infected.

    iexplore keeps running in task manager even after it dissappears

    In this amazing case, you should scan your process with a powerful malware scanner. Since the executable can slip through some cracks hiding the technical file, we recommend that you use a reliable security package such as Malwarebytes.

    Note. If a person does not know how to deal with this, check out our detailed article (here) nearby Install and clean your system from malware with Malwarebytes.

    iexplore keeps running in task manager even after it dissappears

    If Malwarebytes cannot find infected files,files, most users may also need to scan the system with someone else’s Microsoft Security Scanner. Some operators report that scanners reliably identify and remove trojans, and experts claim that we cause this problem when other types of scanners do not work.

    Method 2: Remove Adobe PDF Helper Link

    Another common scenario that experts say triggers this type of o is the behavior that when it happens, users install a certain non-malicious add-on that controls the Internet through Explorer. A common case of this Adobe method is PDF Link Helper.

    However, always remember that this particular add-on is legal and will not harm your system in any other way if you are running low on resources. Consider

    Where the public can view Explorer internet add-ons. To do this, open Internet Explorer, click on the settings wheel (top right) and select add-ons» «Manage.

    Why does Task Manager show multiple Internet Explorer?

    If you have opened multiple IE policies and have not unlocked any IE window, chances are you have “home phone infected”. I would advise you to make sure that almost all sensitive data on the computer is probably protected. The easiest way to do this is to disconnect a person from the Internet, and then practically delete their personal data.

    In the Manage Add-ons window, scroll down the layout and scrollCheck with Adobe if PDF Link Helper is installed. This add-on is not malicious, but a legitimate Internet-related process (iexplore explorer.exe) is supposed to remain open even after our user’s Internet browser has closed it.

    If you see that Adobe PDF Link Helper is installed, right-click it and select Disable. Then close Internet Explorer and restart your computer.

    Method 3: Start Internet Explorer In No Add-ons Mode

    How do I stop iexplore exe from running?

    Press “Ctrl-Alt-Delete”.Click “Start Task Manager”.click Processright-click the tab on the “explorer.exe” entry.Click the Windows Start button.Hold down the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys.On the way, tap “Exit File Explorer” to stopRun explorer.exe.Press I would say “ctrl-alt-del”. Users

    One way to determine if any of the installed IE add-ons is causing this problem is to disable all of them and see if the Iexplore process.exe is running after you close this Internet browser.

    To do this, open Internet Explorer, type “about:NoAdd-ons” in the address bar and press enter. You should see a message saying Internet explorer works without an add-on.

    After disabling many add-ons, you can easily close the Internet and open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). If the iexplore.exe process is no longer visible, you have just discovered that one of A’s ie add-ons is causing the problem.

    Why are there multiple Internet Explorer processes running?

    Additional IE processes are normal or created to be automatic after crash recovery. 3. You can create a shortcut to the desktop or start menu of most users.

    The next Go step is to determine how This supplement is reliable. To do this, open IE no more, go to “Settings” (gear) and click “Manage add-ons”. Then start the build by disabling the Microsoft Corporation Oracle subscription or.

    Then systematically disable any remaining add-ons, close IE, then check the task manager to make sure the system has not disappeared and find the culprit. Once you find it, uncheck it and, if so, remove it from the list of Internet Explorer add-ons .

    Method 4. Check Your Third-party Antivirus

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  • Some have reported that the issue was resolved automatically after disabling their 3rd party security packages. It turns out that this particular problem can also be caused by third-party antivirus software. By far the most frequently reported episodes are Sophos Antivirus, Symantec Protection, Endpoint Avira and Antivirus.

    If you find that this security package is installed on your system, try disabling real-time protection. Then open Internet IT Explorer, close it, and then open Task Manager again to check if Iexplore.exe was closed in IE. arrPlease note that some anti-virus programs cannot be disabled and therefore must be uninstalled to get rid of their annoying effects.

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