Troubleshooting Tips Only Show The Held Windows Button On The Taskbar.


Last week, some of our users came across an error message that only displayed the Windows taskbar button. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss this now.



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We can customize the Windows taskbar to automatically hide when none of our mice are in this position. It automatically reappears when you move your mouse to this area of ​​the taskbar. Someone on the Donation Coder forum wondered if there is there a way to prevent this, and if it is possible to show the Windows taskbar only when the important key, the Windows key, is rather complicated. … Instead of displaying the taskbar automatically, the user needed to display it manually only when a button was clicked.

Guess what. Ten hours after submitting the request, Skrommel posted a response to this cautious thread with a link to a computer program he created that could potentially do exactly what a newbie on this thread wanted him to do. To be more specific, Skrommel has released all the Autohotkeys that can be used to make the taskbar behave this way.

Let’s summarize. This low code is automatically hiddent the Windows taskbar and prevents it from appearing when the mouse is moved to the area where it normally appears.

The taskbar appears only when you press the Windows key on your computer keyboard, and multiple times when you release the key.

only show taskbar windows key pressed

If you haven’t put this aside yet, I recommend it. The Coder’s Donation Forum was a great place to find new apps and get advice on the platform. As much as you can, if it doesn’t exist, it can be easily developed specifically for you.

Update: You can download Push to Show from the Skrommel residence on the Coder Donation website, which means you don’t need to know Autohotkey to use it most of the time.

The main advantage of the program is that you can use the taskbar area in Windows without causing the taskbar to appear accidentally when you move someone’s mouse in this area. Program

Jar is fully compatible with all the latest versions of the Windows operating system related to Windows 10 that we recently checked.

  #SingleInstance ForcetaskBarState = 0 RWin :: Are globalth TaskBarState    if if (taskBarState = 1)        Hide ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd        WinHide ahk_class Start Button        TaskBarState: = 0        another        WinShow ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd        WinShow ahk_class launch button        TaskBarState: = 1        Send, RWin Down; click the button to display the boot menu    Send, rwin up     restore 

It destroys the most suitable Windows key and turns it into a reliable hide switch for the taskbar: as soon as you visit Winkey, it will show the specific taskbar and Start menu, if you press everything again, it will put the system tray in super mode. hidden”. the new position of the mouse will not trigger it. We often use the right Windows key, the left one can still only be used for other keyboard shortcuts, but you can change the keyboard shortcut, you can do the rest …

Although the Windows 10 taskbar considers it a fundamental place for a desktop operating systemus, it is simply a hinged component that can be easily replaced and / or changed. A common approach to the taskbar is to install exactly one third-party dock, such as the Aqua Dock, as we explain in this article, in order to replace someone’s taskbar.

If you want to add a new functional taskbar, it is recommended that you remove the built-in version and replace it with custom options and additional software. No matter what anyone’s solution, this article will show you how to hide the system tray.

How To Hide The Taskbar In Windows 10

How do I show the taskbar only when the Windows key is pressed?

You can do it regularly with Autohotkey based on this method. It destroys the correct Windows Boss and turns it into a lid switch for the system tray: one press of the Winkey key opens the exact system tray and the start menu, and a subsequent press converts the system state in the system tray into a single whole. “Super hidden” toggle mode “Position mouse button does not work.

  1. If you just want to hide the taskbar without permanently deleting it besides installing new software, right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Options at the bottom of the menu.
  2. then the switch is on if is To automatically hide the taskbarin monitor mode or automatically hide any taskbar in tablet mode, it depends on your Windows mode and close the window yourself.
  3. The taskbar will disappear from the desktop forever, as shown below.

Whenever the mouse pointer isover the taskbar area for more than a nanosecond, the taskbar moves up and hides again when you move the computer’s mouse button.

How To Display In The Taskbar

However, this is an auto-hide option that allows you to quickly restore this taskbar. The taskbar reappears when your company moves the cursor down the desktop. So you can always switch between windows.

  1. To remove the auto-hide feature, follow the above path, then click the switch to re-enable it.

Hide The Taskbar With Software

You can also use the keyboard shortcut a to remove the taskbar using third-party software.


Hide Taskbar To Hide Taskbar

only show taskbar windows key pressed

Hide Taskbar is a program that allows you to remove the taskbar when you press a key combination.

  1. For now, click the Download Now button on the Softpedia website to save the zip file.
  2. Open the zipped folder and click Extract All to unzip it. You can also launch it by selecting its ..exe from the extracted folder.
  3. The device does not have a configuration window, but offers an icon in system support when it is started. Now press the key combination Ctrl + Esc if you need to delete the taskbar. You can permanently restore the taskbar by pressing the same key combination again.
  4. To close the program, right-click if it is an icon and select Exit. Taskbar

Hiding does not respect keyboard shortcut settings. An alternative program that you can use to customize and remove keyboard shortcuts from the notification area is the taskbar control. You can upgrade from a Softpedia page on Windows to 10 like HT.

Use The Notification Area Control To Hide Task Bar

  1. When the software is running, you really need to right-click the control’s icon in the taskbar and select Preferences to open the open window directly below it. Press the new reliable hotkey that will clear the taskbar. Click OK while holding down the new keyboard shortcut to hide and restore the taskbar.

Taskbars In Windows 10

So you can remove this with the taskbar or without keyboard shortcuts if needed. Please note that the programs described here are interchangeable with all newer modifications of Windows, and are also compact applications that can be saved to a USB drive. Windows 10 is packed with exceptional features that allow you to tailor and optimize your own diet. The only example that links to many others can be found in our article on changing mouse speed in Windows 10.

Share your experiences and thoughts using the Windows 10 taskbar below.



How do I fix my taskbar always showing?

When the taskbar is full screen, right-click the icon in the taskbar (application, network status, volume, etc.), then click again in video, performance, or in the web browser you are viewing. In some cases, especially in games, this can definitely solve the problem. In Windows 7, you can also force the system tray to open first.

How do I fix the windows 10 taskbar glitch?

Press [Ctrl], [Shift] and [Esc] at the same time.In the Processes feature, locate the Windows Explorer application icon and right-click.You will find that the main task will restart on its own after a few seconds.




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