Suggestions To Fix Panasonic DVD Ho3 Error Code


Sometimes your system may display Panasonic DVD ho3 error message. This error can be caused by a number of reasons.

g.H03 means the laser blade is locked. The optical sensor is permanently covered with dried grease.




A few days ago, our portable DVD player (Panasonic DVD-LS 82) was throwing error H03 “” on your current screen when we were giving it a working DVD. This is usually a chance for me to financially benefit from the upgrade, but the bug contained a hardware fix that I wanted to try.

First of all, I don’t know much about hardware. This is a chorus that I have repeated several times in my IT career. I am a knowledgeable programmer. Bits and Bytes. Excellent languages. I didn’t pick up a computer until you graduated from college (when most computer hardware geeks and high school foremen fiddled with it). The point is that these things are not often foreign to me. I swapped hard drives and memory and installed a PC Card back in college. You have to do it, assembling modern computers and electronics is fun, but not as compelling to me as this job. I told my daughter that I am the guy who writes the H03 error on the monitorore, not the guy who makes the mechanics / electronics that creates the H03 error.

Note. Clicking on one of the images will undoubtedly open another window that shows the full resolution (1600 x 1200) of the same image.

The manual states that a simple “H” error means you need to disconnect and then reconnect the device. This is still the moral equivalent of control-alt-delete. But I was there, disconnected and reinserted into my DVD player, hoping that the message “disappeared forever.” This is not the case.

panasonic dvd error code ho3

Annoyed, I decided to search the Internet for errors. I am very familiar with the AV Science Forum (founded 1995). A poster titled “Hossam” read (April 2006) “Hotfix code is very simple, but requires a little effort and a small Phillips screwdriver. I had a little courage and even had a small Phillips screwdriver, and instead of trying to decide if it was worth it, I moved the DVD player to a different location in your house so I could “work” with it.

The first problem I ran into while reading Hossam’s post was Most of the small screws that held the DVD as a whole were smaller than my eyeglass screwdriver. After several tries, I realized that I would have loosened these screws if I had continued. I jumped down the stairs, grabbed my wallet and went to Radio Shack. When I left every house, my wife in no way reminded me that I was too disappointed: maybe we keep buying a new one. That was no longer the goal.

Another set of Phillips screws ($ 6.92 tax) allowed me to unscrew most of the 13 small screws on the back of the DVD player. This was the hardest part of the renovation. The screws were so tight that I thought they were secured with glue. I ran to use a lot of really good old fashioned elbows to secure the screws as they rotated. My hand was slightly damp and I remember holding the screwdriver in a canvas bag so that I could create the most suitable torque without slipping. At about that unique moment, I thought, “This will probably take over 15 minutes” (as suggested by another author).

After loosening the screws andremoving the back cover, the DVD player undoubtedly took a little force to disassemble the individual parts for the jacks. It was easier than screws, but I was wondering if I needed another sewing software tool. I am not doing this.

When the rear came up, I looked at the electronics. I’ve seen tapes. I’ve seen computer chips. I saw a familiar green PCB for the digital electronics market. I saw a preferably unknown “mechanic” that allowed the beam to travel across the disk. Most of the time, however, I saw a lot of hair and dust. I used tweezers to allow them to pluck and gently pluck hair and dust from someone who was really bad at bullet gear. Several minutes passed.

According to Hossam, “three rubberized harnesses” are required to follow the instructions. As I fiddled with my little finger carefully, I was able to find each of these three pendants (marked in red in the photo below):

panasonic dvd error code ho3

Hossam says, “Take off the entire structure. Oddly enough, ”this step does not require a screwdriver. The body of the mechanism is not poured with water and, in fact,seems to be “suspended in the air” by three rubber suspension points. (When I made the fix, I felt like I didn’t need to remove this skill structure to take a step now. However, during this fix, I was very careful not to touch the laser lens itself.)

The next important step is to manually rotate these special “little black rotating hinges”. In your photo I have marked this rotating red “gear”. I used a trolley with a screwdriver to gently turn the gearbox. This caused the servo body to move to the left (as shown by the green arrow below). Hossam says that this step will be different from where it was inserted, then the application “will work fine after that.”

I’ve only designed the gearbox a few times, a lot to make the body, maybe a quarter of an inch. Then I properly pasted the box back onto the stage, hung the DVD “in the back,” put it in, and tried to have some fun with the DVD. Enough, we definitely used it! No more H03 errors.

Hossam, wherever there are customers, Thank you so much! And joyful happiness for everyone who decides whether to try or not try in their own business. This is not a sixty second job; For me, it was a more solid two hour job, but with a satisfying finish.






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