Resolve The Problem: The Registry Key Contains Information That Is Used By Device Manager.

In this guide, we will identify some potential causes that could cause a registry key to contain information used by Device Manager, and then identify possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem. The registry contains information that Windows uses as programs. Currently, the registry helps the operating system manage the computer, helps programs use items on the computer, and provides a place to store user preferences that you make both in Windows and in your programs.

When installing the operating system, drivers, and device resources, information about drivers and devices is saved in the registry. Typically, device installation components and drivers should use the registry to store documents that should persist across a system restart. For more information about how a driver accesses registry points, see Using the Registry in a Specific Driver .

registry key contains information device manager uses

The content of a record should always be treated as unreliable and volatile information. If only one of your driver components writes policies and information to the registry, and another component reads them later, do not expect the information to have changed recently. After reviewing the registry information, your personal components should always check the policy before using it.

For more information about the registry in general, see the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.

The following topics were created in this section, which generally describe how to use registry keys to store device information.devices and device drivers:

Drivers can access Plug and Play (PnP) technologies in the registry using day-to-day system routines such as IoGetDeviceProperty or IoOpenDeviceRegistryKey . User-mode configuration components should use devices that integrate functionality such as SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty via SetupDiOpenDevRegKey . These can be accessed through INF files using the INF AddReg directives.

Attention! Drivers are denied direct access to these registry trees and registry keys. This phone call with registration information in this field is only for solving a problem with installing or configuring the debug module.

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registry key contains information device manager uses

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