Here’s How Easy It Is To Fix A Rotax-Max Problem

You may receive an error message indicating a Rotax-Max fix. There are several ways to solve this problem. We’ll discuss this in a minute.

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    I know some of us here at the club have suffered or struggled with the advanced EVO updates. I thought I’d post my problem here and hope others follow suit so that any future problems can be diagnosed faster and automatically based on previous information from other consumers.

    After installing my EVO cards it worked without problems. In the next two weeks or so, not too long ago, I suffered a low speed loss that loosened both pins on turn 11 and had no luck (clockwise now).

    rotax max troubleshooting

    After trying several ways to improve the situation, I finally discovered that my problem was likely caused by the Power the Valve (PV) valve staying open below 7600 RPM. The reason is simply a broken wire on my PV solenoid socket (see photo). We also saw that the wire from the ignition connector to the PV solenoid valve is also damaged on the ignition connector.

    rotax max troubleshooting

    Since the problem is often with a new wire harness, I had to replace the entire wire harness, To solve the problem.

    While trying to solve a specific low speed problem, I did a few things first to identify the problem. When I first noticed the problem, I personally saw the PV on the booth and also saw it open and close, but I couldn’t tell if it was definitely between 0% and 100%, so I thought it might never be fully completed. … Adjusting the carburetor did not really matter, changing the exhaust, air filter, spark plugs, restoring the fuel pump, etc. Etc. Nothing worked. Doubts also did not affect. I still had to worry that this was PV-related, and had a guess it wouldn’t shut off completely after 7600 RPM, and Joey of Overdrive Motorsports mentioned that the coil could get stuck in the cylinder. After talking to Joey, the idea came up that the first cylinders (mine is a certain year 2006) have a slightly different launch behavior than the later ones (2009, let’s move on? Can anyone please confirm this year?). This means that with a new innovative photovoltaic unit, the housing is notA good photovoltaic assembly on a cylinder can sometimes lead to misalignment of the spool valve combined with possible blockages in the corresponding cylinder. On the underside of the private slide, there are already clothing marks on either side of the prohibition signs below, which could have been the case with me. I asked for the following for the photovoltaic body as well as some cylindrical cast iron pipes to provide daylight. Hope everyone found it on the first dj2.

    Anyway, although 2 days ago I seem to be driving my go-kart, I looked at a particular PV and found it to be ok at 7600rpm but stalled significantly lower until it reached 5000rpm before it finally stayed open again. I suspected that the PV solenoid was out of order, so I tried everything that initially seemed to work before doing the same. I then tried the auxiliary ignition module, suspecting that it was far from sending a signal to its PV solenoid, but at the same level as the solenoid. I’m working with a “print” setting for PV, and magnit works like this:

    * At startup, the PV solenoid valve is at 0V, and between the bottom magic port and the side port, the next one is open, which sometimes leaves pressure in the PV and opens it so easily
    * At 3000 rpm after the first start, the PV solenoid valve is undoubtedly supplied with 12V, caused by the ignition module, which switches each solenoid valve, so that the pressure accumulated in the PV through the side connection from the PV to the open vent hole at the top of the block the solenoid valve that closes the PV
    * During normal operation, the PV is permanently closed below 7600 rpm (or 7900 rpm if the two ground terminals are connected) and the PV solenoid valve is “wired” to the 12 volt key module with the solenoid valve in the vent position. the person is in
    * As the speed increases to 7600/7900 RPM, the 12V is “removed” by the PV solenoid valve and swings to bring it to the print position so that the load from the crank can be transferred to the PV bellows, creating a certainsuspended PV structure. open
    * If the speed drops below 7600/7900 RPM, the process is allowed and the ignition module again “applies” 12 volts to the PV solenoid valve and replaces it in the ventilation list, relieving the PV bellows pressure and allowing it to close.

    Since the ignition module and solenoid could not solve my problem, only the harness was most often used. When I put my kart back on the cradle yesterday before changing the wire harness, I tried changing the direct connection around the PV solenoid connector and from time to time I could see the PV work. Surely after you pulled the plug out of the socket again, the above show stopped and sparked all my problems. The copper wire inside was clearly broken a while ago, but the extra red insulation was still intact. So my colleagues and I periodically had problems with the wire, sometimes looping, which sometimes led to the fact that the photo-video gave good results. So even though the leash seems to be moving at my low speed(the view of the track has not been made at the time of writing), it is good to know “exactly” what exactly it caused inside the seat belt. Obviously, a different connector with a few loose wires would be needed to solve this problem, but in any case, this should be a lack of warranty for the seat belt.

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  • Sorry for another long post, but I hope we post information about EVO issues here that will help everyone in the future until Rotax fixes it or even messes it up (fingers crossed), otherwise we’ll replace slightly defective parts on below – middle parts. I’ll also attach a link for the updated installation of Rotax belts with:

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