How Do I Fix Rpc.nfsd Debugging?

In the past week, some readers have encountered a known bug while debugging rpc.nfsd. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s discuss this below.

We could well use the rpcdebug command to clear the Linux kernel NFS client and server debug flags. If you set this, the kernel flags the indicators that write messages to the system firewood (in response to the NFS exercise). Below is a list of modules in which rpcdebug can set red debug flags for the kernel.

module Function
nfs NFS Client
nfsd NFS Server
nlm Protocol NLM (Network Lock Manager)
RPC Remote Procedure Call

Show Available Modules

Enabling Rpcdebug Debugging Examples

1. Enable all NFS debugging (client side)
To debug NFS on this client:

2. Enable NFSD Locked Debugging (Server Side)
To enable nfsd-lockd server side debugging:

Disable Debugging

To disable debugging, use the -c (clear) option, for example:

rpc.nfsd debug

Reviews. Make sure you are finished debugging while debugging. If enabled, debugging can lead to large amounts of data in the logs, hThis potentially affects the performance of the product.

 # rpcdebug -vhUsage: rpcdebug [-v] [-h] module] [-m [-s flags ... | -c indicators ...]       Set or clear debug flags.Active indicator modulerpc xprt choice debug nfs auth crisis sched trans svcsock svcdsp miscellaneous storage cache allnfs vfs dircache lookupcache pagecache proc xdr file add root callback client fscache pnfs pnfs_ld state allnfsd sock fh export svc proc fileop auth repcache xdr blocked everythingnlm svc client clntlock svclock monitor clntsubs svcsubs hostcache xdr all 
 -m: module id to set or uncheck kernel debug flags-s: set an easily accessible kernel debug flag for a module-c: clear kernel debug flags 
 # rpcdebug -meters nfsd -s lockd 

rpc.nfsd debug

 # call rpcdebug -m rpc -s 
 # rpcdebug -m nfs -k all# rpcdebug -m nfsd -c all 


rpcdebug – Special and clearing flags for NFS and RPC kernel debugging.


rpcdebug -vh rpcdebug -m module rpcdebug -m element -s flags … Rpcdebug -m module -crophone flags …


The rpcdebug command forces the administrator to create Linux kernel NFS client and investigator o, server debug flags. Install it red flags cause the kernel to send syslog messages to react to NFS activity; This is usually very useful when debugging Problems with NFS. The form at the top of the summary can be used to list all Debug flags. Second, I would say that the form shows the current debug flags for the specified module. The third form uses one or more flags, and the fourth online form clears one or more checkboxes. The all value can be used as long as all banners for The module is set.


-k Clear a specific debug flag. -h Print help value and exit. When combining -v. receive Option, debug indicator images are also available. -m module Specify module flags as install or uninstall facility. Accessible Components: nfsd NFS server. NFS NFS client. nlm Network Lock Manager or NFS client or server. Rpc Remote Procedure Call Module in Fantastic NFSClient-server. -nasiums Set the specified debug flags. -v Increase the verbosity level of the rpcdebug output.


/ proc / sys / sunrpc / rpc, nfs, nfsd, nlm_debug A procfs based interface for debugging kernel banners.


rpc.nfsd (8), nfs (5), syslogd (8).


Bugs can be found or reported at


Program only Kirch Olaf and . Greg Banks Management Page .


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Rpc Nfsd Debuggen

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