How To Resolve The “Sybase Database Server Not Found” Error

If you receive a Sybase Database Server Not Found error, today’s tutorial is here to help you. The “Internet database not found” error occurs when the client connects to the SQL Anywhere server. The connection failed. If the owners have enabled the LogFile parameter that works in the connection string (-c “uid = dba; pwd = sql; server = demo; LogFile = c: log client.log”), you can see the following in the log file:

My SIA failed, and while parsing properties, I noticed that a specific dependency no longer exists:

– SIA> Properties> Configuration> Configuration of the CMS system database.

– By clicking on Update Data Source Settings> Database driver selected as ANYWhere “” sql> Selecting the Machine Data Source tab.


– “BOE120” DSN> Enter and submit your website user ID and password.

– I get the error “[Sybase] [ODBC Driver] [SQL Anywhere] Database server not found”

  • Data source not defined or o you haveprinted or inaccurately identified. The data source is the connection pointSettings are stored in the computer’s system registry (in Windows) or in manual mode (Windowsand UNIX). Incorrect

  • specified username and / or possibly password.The following error messages are returned:

    Failed to establish connection


    Failed to establish a connection to the database.

    followed by a message:

    Invalid Internet user or login password.

    Try to login again with correct user id andPassword.

  • The user may not have permission to use the database.

  • You specified an invalid file name for the client baseError messages received:

    Failed to establish connection


    Failed to establish a connection to the database.

    received by message: die

    The specified databases were not found.

    Try to connect to the correct file againDatabase.Name. Must

    You enter the actual DBF parameter andDatabase file id to connect, if you can help dbisqlc or dbisql andWhen you logged in, you restored some kind of database from a backup – Utility_db.See “Reconnecting After Actual Recovery” for more information.

  • Database files may be missing. The dbname.db, and dbname.iqmsg files (whereDB name for this database) must be available.

  • Limit the number of connections or other connections defined by the database administratorConnection limits may be exceeded. Error messages were returnedare:

    sybase database server not found

    Failed to establish connectionExceeded the connection limit for the database system
  • You are booting from disk space. Check Sybase IQ for a messageSort messages to free up space.

  • The specified server name is definitely incorrect. Errordeferred messages:

    The connection failed.Serverthe database is not running.

    Make sure this is the server name and the server is trying to reconnect.with the correct site name.

  • sybase database server not found

    The name or address of the server computer will be changed.

  • The first time a client connects to receiveand the server name is omitted, indicating an invalid port numbermay cause the database connection to fail. newsthe following errors are returned:

    Failed to establish a connection to the database in the market.The database server was not found.

    When developing with Interactive SQL, make sure tothe call in the server name field can be written correctly asThe network parameters with respect to the network tab are correct, it could have been a databaseThe server is configured. Or specify the server name when connecting,or use the appropriate port. To identify the server, name andthe port number the server usually listens on, do thisStop_iq command indicating thisInformation.

  • The port number may be out of range and in useanother process.

  • When you receive the message

    The process could not be started - the server was not found


    The database site has not been started.

    When opening a client, the client cannotyou can find my database on the network server. Chain connection canbe false, or the server name cache may be false or oldLogin information. For example, in the case when the server is also runningmultiple port number, even if specified by the client applicationnew port number found during connection, connection informationwill always be fetched from the server url cache.

  • You specified a charset in the CharSet of the connectionSettings and try connecting to a server that not only supportsthis character set. If the internet does not support what is requestedCreate characters, connection fails.

    Try reconnecting discovery without CharSet. When the customerThe local set of the player is not supported by the server, one person connectssuccessful, but the character set will not be over-supported if you do so.Ally.

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