Tiger GBA Emulator Without BIOS Issues?

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    Here are some easy steps to help you fix tiger GBA emulator without bios issues.

    There were
    tiger gba emulator no bios

    problems launching games with tigers. On my phone, I tried following a guide I found online that says I need a bios file called “gamecom.zip” so I’ll keep it simple. It contains a Retroarch/System file and then DIG use Frontent to publish the games that are in the ROMs/Gamecom folder and they are all ZIP files because I have to run them in Mame so that there are Mame ROMs instead of Sound Gamecom ROMs .

    But when I try to help you get it working, DIG tries to make Retroarch available, which has Mame in it first, but it won’t launch any of the games, it just hangs on a black screen.


    What am I doing wrong? Can anyone really help me here? Thank you!

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    1. In the end I have an incredible HTC, I do biographies of everything and range.. I create folders, and then click Back to Internet gamebiod. Then he writes that the BIOS does not work, especially the settings. Can someone help me with my routine please.




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    Who- any help please

    5/19/2011 12:33 pm


    < p > avatar of PvilleComp

    You have gba_bios. to the corresponding bin root directory of your SD card? And you pointed to gba_bios the.bin when launching the gameboid.

    Viewit seems that the roms of the game of the first release are unplayable. However, if you scroll down you should see many roms more often. They should play.

    5/19/2011 13:45

  • Avatar fuzzy_jw


    Yes I am there is a biography, i would say a map, i created a new download section and a brand new pro folder.
    I’m sick of even the fact that you can still downloadDownload the Linda File application for the manager entirely from a personal phone (indicates a BIOS failure, settings) specify.

    do you put them in the die folder? or is my gba_bio.bin file defective??
    I downloaded the full game bio from the site and the Coolrom firmware from the site

    Thank you, available for publication



  • on actually it was said (couldn’t load bios, some settings should show valid bios). I came to redo everything.

    What now


    19.05.2011 21:17

  • < div> < p>Upload the browser BIOS file again using the browserOr link

    look gba_bios.bin in Google, there are a lot of mirrors, I know if they are good or not.

    Use a browser during a phone call, which is usually downloaded to the /download directory of your SD card. to continue the created.

    Good luck.

    tiger gba emulator no bios

    2011-05-19 23:26

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