What Is Planetside 2 Beta 1001 Uninstall Error And How To Fix It?

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    You should read these remedial recommendations if you are receiving error 1001 related to uninstalling the Planetside 2 beta. 1001The error means that the game client was removed slightly and cannot be removed manually. Use the Microsoft FixIt tool located on the web below to completely uninstall the tools and complete the uninstallation.


    Some consumers have reportedly received an uninstall error “There was a problem with (1001)” uninstall when trying to uninstall PlanetSide 2 from their computer. This problem mainly occurs when PC gamers try to uninstall version 2 of planetside.

    2 planet 1001

    We’ve looked into this strange issue extensively and found various scenarios that could cause this error code when deleting some Planetsides. Here is a list of ability participants:

    uninstall planetside 2 beta error 1001

    Now that you know all the potential culprits for this problem, here is a specific list of proven methods towho have successfully used other affected user types to get to the bottom of the problem, such as to solve the problem. :

    Method 1: Remove The PlanetSide 8 BETA Files First (if Any)

    If you encounter error 1001 when trying to remove the BETA build most commonly associated with PlanetSide 2 so you can plug it into the final build, chances are you’re experiencing this issue with the remaining Impressive files (from the real BETA install ) interfering with our own installation.

    Some affected users who also encountered this mentioned problem were often able to complete the installation by first deleting the PlanetSide beta installation folder before starting the installation from there. Executed screen provides “And functionality”.

    If you haven’t tried this approach yet, follow the instructions below to first remove the PlanetSide 2 beta files before uninstalling the game’s dependencies the traditional way:

    1. Open File Explorer and read the folder where PlanetSide BETA 2 is installed. If you really installed igru to the wrong location, you can find the game files in the following locations:

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    C:UsersPublicSony Online EntertainmentInstalled Games
  • After you are on the correct desktop, select everything in the Beta PlanetSide 2 folder, and delete each file by right-clicking the selected item and choosing Delete. + during the timeout, which may open the “Run” chat window. In the box, type Run
  • ‘appwiz.cpl’ and press Enter to open the Programs and Features menu. If you are indeed asked for an account (uac User Control), click yes to grant administrator access. com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/appwiz-17.png 399W, https://cdn.The XML Guys.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/appwiz-17-300×155.png 300W, https://cdn.The XML Guys.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/appwiz-17-150×77.png 150w”>
    Opening Programs and Features
  • In Programs, then Features menu, scroll through the list of installed programs and buy the beta version associated with PlanetSide, when you see a legitimate entry, right click it and mouse buy “Remove from context” in which you will seeare ships” (max 100vw, width: 369px) Src=”https://cdn 369px”.The XML Guys.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/unistalling-planetside.jpg” srcset=”https:// cdn . The XML Guys.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/unistalling-planetside.jpg 369 W, https://cdn.The XML Guys.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/unistalling-planetside-300×162.jpg 300 W, https://cdn.The XML Guys.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/unistalling-planetside-150×81.jpg 150w”>
    Remove PlanetSide 2.5 BETA
  • If the uninstallation is successful, turn on the computer, then try to roll back to the final version in the usual way.
  • If my operation results in a “There was a problem at (1001)” error, please proceed to a possible future solution below.2:

    How To Use Windows Fix-It Uninstaller

    If your attempt to uninstall PlanetSide 2 from the beta is not successful, the next thing to do is type Microsoft Uninstaller, fix-it to remove any remaining application installer files.

    This particular method has been confirmed by many confused users who have already encountered error code 1001 when trying to get rid of a BETA game. Automated

    This improved Microsoft tool (Fix-It Uninstaller) is designed to fix this specific file permanent deletion error , which are usually impossible to remove using traditional processes.

    Here is an important quick guide on how to use this utility and remove PlanetSide2 leftover files before installing the full specific game:

    1. To get started, go to the Get Fix-It Uninstaller page and download the .diagcab file by clicking the Download button.
    2. Once the .tool is .downloaded, .double . click .diagcab to open it.
    3. After you get to the first command prompt, click and make sure Apply Repair is checked.
    4. Then click Next to begin the investigation sequence.
    5. Wait for the initial discovery phase to complete, and then click Install when prompted.
    6. < li>On the next screen, select PlanetSide Beta 2 from the list of installed programs, click and Next again.

    7. Click “Yes, try La” to delete at the end of the confirmation.
    8. Wait for the process to complete, then set up your computer and try to set up the final version of PlanetSide 9 normally.
    Uninstalling PlanetSide 2 Beta with Fix-It-Tool

    If the error persists after using the Fix-it tool, continue to the next method below to try to fix the same type of issue with the third special case tool.

    Method 3: Using CCleaner

    If the Microsoft Fix It tool doesn’t fix your problem, try using a third-party expert to remove the remaining PlanetSide 2 BETA entries with all registry-related keys.

    uninstall planetside 2 beta error 1001

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