Best Way To Recover Win32 Special Folders


You need to check these repair ideas if you are getting Win32 special folder error on your computer. g.System Large Folders are folders such as Programs, Programs, System, or Startup that contain general information.




Arrested. The Gets path is associated with a folder that has the awesome CSIDL value.

Note. As in Windows Vista, this function is actually a wrapper for SHGetKnownFolderPath . The CSIDL value is converted to the associated KNOWNFOLDERID and then SHGetKnownFolderPath can be called. New applications should use the familiar folder system, not the old CSIDL system, which is only supported for backward compatibility reasons.


  SHFOLDERAPI SHGetFolderPathA (  [in] HWND hwnd,  [in] int-csidl,  [in] HToken, manage [in] DWORD dwFlags,  [output] LPSTR pszPath); 


A CSIDL value that specifies the file to fix the path to. Only real entries are valid. If a virtual folder is specified, it will fail. You can force the conceptualization of a case by combining the CSIDL of the case with CSIDL_FLAG_CREATE.

win32 special folders

access token , which experts believe can be used to identify a specific user.

Microsoft Windows 2000, but also earlier: Always set this parameter to NULL.

Windows XP andlater versions: This parameter is usually NULL. You may need to specify a nonzero value for the hToken for these folders, which can have multiple members but are treated as belonging to the same user. The most common folder of this type is documents.

The calling process is sufficiently responsible for impersonation if hToken is still not NULL. The calling process must have the correct security permissions for the user, including TOKEN_QUERY and TOKEN_IMPERSONATE, and each user’s registry hive must now be mounted. See Access Control for more information on access control issues.

Assigning the -i parameter to any hToken specifies the default user. This allows SHGetFolderPath clients to find the location of the As directory (for example, the desktop folder) for a standard user. The standard user profile is duplicated if a new user account is created and contains special folders such as My And Documents Desktop. Any bits added to the user directoryThe default bodies will also appear on every new personal account.

win32 special folders

Flags indicating the path associated with the return. This value is often used when the administrator sometimes uses the KNOWNFOLDERID (or CSIDL ) folder.

The well-known folder system behind SHGetFolderPath allows users or administrators to go back to redirect a known folder to a location that suits their needs. This is accomplished by calling IKnownFolderManager :: Redirect , usually setting the “current” value of the entire folder to SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT, usually a flag.

The default folder as declared by the experts is the directory location, unless the purchased user or administrator has redirected it elsewhere, restored by specifying the shgfp_type_default flag. The value of this parameter can be used to create a function to restore defaults for an important known folder.

For example, the default reward for (shgfp_type_default) FOLDERID_Music ( CSIDL_MYMUSIC ) is likely to be “C: Users username Music”.If the folder has been redirected, the current value (SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT) may be “D: Music”. If the folder has not been redirected then shgfp_type_default SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT will get the same path.



Pointer to a null-terminated string MAX_PATH that accepts a path. If an error occurs or S_FALSE can be returned, this row is flushed. The returned path cannot contain a backslash. For example, instead of “C: Users ” it might return “C: Users”.

Return Value

If this function is now successful, S_OK is returned. Otherwise, an HRESULT error code is returned.


The following code example uses SHGetFolderPath to find or create a file, and then creating a file in it.

  TCHAR szPath [MAX_PATH];if (SUCCESSFUL (SHGetFolderPath (NULL,                             CSIDL_PERSONAL | CSIDL_FLAG_CREATE,                             ZERO,                             0,                             szPfad)))    PathAppend (szPath, TEXT ("New Document.txt"));    HANDLING hFile = createfile (szpath, ...); 


Minimum Secure Client Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP [desktop tools only]
Minimum Server Server Supported Windows 2000 [Wordpress desktops only]
Target Platform Windows
Title shlobj_core.h (including Shlobj.h, Shlobj_core.h)
Library Shell32.lib
DLL Shell32.dll (version 5.0 or higher)

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How do I create a special folder?

Open an elevated command prompt. By default, it opens to C: Windows System32 even if you are using Windows x64.Enter cd users username (in my case the name is Michel). Then the prompt displays “c: users username>”Type mklink / d Installatie d: Installatie and press Enter.

What is a GUID folder?

You use the guid to point to the hard known Windows folder when you include folders in the CustomPlaces collection. GUIDs for known folders are not case sensitive and are defined in KnownFolders. For example, if the vulnerable known folder does not exist on the computer running my application, the known folder will not appear.

What are $Windows folders?

$ Windows package. ~ The BT folder is a hidden folder on the root drive where the Windows operating system is installed. If you’ve upgraded our old Windows system to Windows 10 or upgraded Windows 10 to a newer version, all records, information, and facts about your previous Windows design and installation will be stored in $ Windows.




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