Tips To Fix A Faulty Windows 7 System Recovery Drive

This guide will help you when you see Windows 7 recovering the wrong drive.

I was just thinking about adding a solverThis problem, because now this question is one of the top Google results. Hope others find it helpful!

I must have changed the side of the drive to C after reinstalling Windows and realized that some road users think the drive letter is C and therefore cannot be fixed. There is a very simple key, and you can usually effectively change the drive letter to C after reinstalling Windows or whatever. Just write a symbolic link.

Right-click My Computer, select Administrative Tools, reduce the size of the 8MB drive and try creating a new C: / drive.

Then just open a command prompt as a manager (type cmd in the start menu, click Run as administrator) and also enter such commands as a requirement.

  mklink / J "C:  Programs" "D:  Programs"mklink / J "C:  Program Files (x86)" "D:  Program Files (x86)"mklink / J "C:  Users" "D:  Users"mklink / J "C:  Windows" "D:  Windows" 

Unfortunately, it looks like it is not possible to go from D to C right away, but it fixes all the problems with installing the course and works for convenience. But bThe faster one works right away without wasting time or headaches.


System Reserved Partition On Wrong Disk

Can I restore a system image on a different drive?

Can I restore a Windows 10 system image to a new hard drive? The answer is YES, you can restore a Windows 10 disk image to a new hard drive using a reliable backup and restore app. You can restore a built-in backup like this one (Windows 7) or a third one – use AOMEI Backupper Standard with any other tool. 2.

When a user installs Windows 7/8/10 on a new disk, a special partition is created called a system-reserved partition. The system-reserved partition contains the Boot Configuration Database, Boot Manager Code, Windows Recovery Environment Reserves, and a location for boot files that BitLocker may need.

You can only recognize a system reserved partition in Disk Management or a similar program, because it does not store the drive letter. Usually this type comes before the partitioning method (usually the C 🙂 drive. However, some drivers find that the system reserved partition is on the wrong drive. In case they install Windows with multiple hard drives connected so you can use the computer. What to do with a Windows 7/8/10 system reserved partition on a bad disk? Read more.

How Do I Enable System Reservedth Partition, Which Is Probably On A Different Drive?

If your current system-reserved partition is on an additional disk, you can successfully move it to the desired disk using a number of methods described below:

Method 1: Moving A System-reserved Partition Type Using Disk Management

How do I move a system restore to a different drive?

System recovery images cannot be linked to another drive. But you can store system image backups there. I would just keep the latest backup in case Windows becomes irreparable in the past.

By “move” here I mean creating a new system-reserved partition and then deleting the old one. Since the system-reserved partition contains sneaker files, the trainer may crash after moving. To prepare for a possible start-up failure, a person can pre-repair the system here. Then follow the instructions below:

1. Press Win + R keys to launch Run, enter diskmgmt.msc in Run and click OK to prompt for disk management.

How do I restore Windows 7 to a new hard drive?

Select our own Start button, then Control Panel> System and Maintenance> Backup and Restore. Select Choose another backup to restore your files, and follow the instructions in the main wizard.

2. Find the hard drive where the system partition should be located. Right-click the unallocated hard disk space and select New Simple Volume. If there is currently unallocated spaceyours is missing, you can delete or compress the partition.

windows 7 system restore wrong drive

3. Following the instructions of the Create Simple Volume Wizard, specify the type size, assign a drive letter or route, and simply format the partition step.

– The system reserved partition is 100 MB for Windows 7, 350 MB for basic Windows and 500 MB for Windows 10.
• You can mark an entirely new partition as “System Reserved” when formatting that particular partition.

4. Assign a drive letter to the main reserved partition of the system so that it can be viewed in Explorer. Copy everything from the old system-reserved partition to the newly created partition. It should contain a boot folder, bootmgr and BOOTSECT.BAK.

5. Delete the disk web page for the new system-reserved partition, and then make the partition bootable.

6. Restart your computer to see if it can start. If the situation starts correctly, you can carefully delete the old system reserved partition; otherwise you can use specialThe original Windows System Recovery CD that you prepared for Startup Repair.

As you can see, creating a new system reserved partition requires a lot of effort, especially for those new to disk management. In particular, is there an easier way to switch to a system-reserved partition to get what you want? Please read on.

Method 2: Move Some System-reserved Partition Using A Ready-made Utility

Instead of creating a new system-reserved partition, I will show you how to copy the original system-reserved partition to the drive of your choice. What you need is the best hard drive cloning software AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Does System Restore affect other drives?

It makes no sense to delete everything. In any case, your other drives may also not be affected if you did not take the standard Win library locations (images, video clips, etc.) outside of your C: drive.

✠allows you to duplicate the entire hard drive or write a partition on another drive. Also, you can only clone an operating system through System Clone.It
✠allows you to create copies of images for the system, hard disk, partition, files. You can even restore the program to another computer Other than the device by restoring other equipment.
• Finally all Windows PC operating systems such as 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP are supported.

Follow these steps to report an old system reserved partition, which might be a different drive via the AOMEI 10 Backupper:

step. Install and run Backupper aomei. In the left pane, click Clone and select Clone Partition.

Step 2. Select my old system reserved partition as the root partition and click Next.

Step 3. Select the unallocated hard disk space to which you want to transfer the system reserved partition and click Next.

Step 4. On the summary page, click the “Edit” section. In the pop-up window, the repository partition is set by default as “Primary Partition” to make it bootable later. Set the drive letter to “none” and adjust your own partition size according to your needs. Then click “OK” to save your locations.

– Sector by Sector Clone: It can clone any sector in the company section very well, whether it is enabled or not, which takes more effort. This requires the target partition to be equal to or greater than the source partition.
– SSD Alignment: This will improve the performance of the connected target SSD. You must check the Idea box if you are migrating this system partition to an SSD.

Step 6. After the cloning process is complete, open “Rights Management for Disk”, click the new system partition reserved for this, and select “Properties”. On the General tab, enter the name of the person reserved by the system.

a few steps. Set the new System Reserved partition active and restart your computer to see if it can boot as described in method 8. Delete the old System Reserved partition if there is no problem.

When moving system partition, this software is also applicable to Windows to migrate 10 to M.2 SSD, clone M.2 SSD to M.2 SSD, clone SSD to larger SSD, etc.


windows 7 system restore wrong drive

If you find thatIf the system-reserved partition is for the wrong drive, this article provides two methods by which you can move it to the drive of your choice. Besides cloning partitions, AOMEI Backupper can also help you copy disk from command line and perform DoD disk erase. Feel free to give it a try and share this article with your awesome friends if you think it might help!

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